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Wine Glass Buying Guide

There are specific types of wine glasses for nearly every type of wine. These different wine glasses can be identified by their sizes and shapes.
Just like you would not eat different kinds of food with the same utensil, choosing which wine
glass to use for certain types of wine can only enhance your drinking experience. Read on to discover which wine glasses are right for the wines you prefer to drink.

The Basics

  • The Difference Between Red and White Wine Glasses
  • Why Varietal-Specific Wine Glasses Make A Difference
  • The Benefits of Crystal, Lead-Free Crystal & Other Materials
  • Wine Glass Brands: Riedel, Zalto, and Fusion

Common Questions

  • What's The Difference Between Break Resistant & Unbreakable Glasses?
  • Why Would I Use Stemless Vs. Stemmed Glasses?
  • What Is The Difference Between A Riedel Sommeliers Glass Vs. A Less Expensive Glass Of Similar Shape/Size?
  • Why Would There Be Lead In A Crystal Glass?

The Bottom Line

Different glassware producers make a wide variety of differently shaped glasses for all different types of wine. The general rule of thumb for choosing the best wine glass for the job is to consider the color, maturity, sweetness, and acidity of the wine. But also your own personal preference in terms of feel, lip thickness and durability plays a major role in the decision process as well. If you are still uncertain which glass makes the most sense then give one of our Wine Enthusiast Consultants a call at 800-356-8466 for more information.


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